Tuesday 05 January 2021 - The Pandemic Continues

A second lockdown of live radio shows has been triggered by the continuing pandemic of Coronavirus Covid-19. This means that tracks played on my radio shows are again using a pre-select "gearbox" rather than the usual live manual, to use the motoring paradigm. It should be possible to add new tracks to the mix from time to time, so keeping the programme as fresh as possible. Thank you to all the artists sending tracks in.


Monday 04 January 2021 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Merry Hell - We Are Different, We Are One,
GypsyFingers - Lump,
Owen Hand - My Donal,
Rheingans Sisters, The - Green Unstopping,
Moishe's Bagel - Galitzyaner Tantz,
Bob Frankee - Bethany,
Steven MacIomhair - Cladaich Loch Iu,
Blas - Night In Nanchang + Cooks Pond + Rockfleet Reel,
Portraits, The - Crossfire,
Johnny Coppin - First Time Love,
Little Unsaid, The - Road,
Adam Amos & Noel Rocks - Cross That River,
James J Turner - Watching You,
Rallion - Waiting For Dawn.


Saturday 02 January 2021 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Alex Hodgson - Inveresk,
Pete McClelland - Thinking Of A Song,
Owen Hand - The Cuckoo's Nest,
Sarah McQuaid - Shady Grove-Cluck Old Hen,
Martyn Joseph - Cannons Of Christianity,
Loreley - The Old Grey Tree,
Daimh - Cuir a-Nall,
Norma Munro - The Ballad Of Blind Mattie,
Spinners, The - Shenandoah,
Katie Spencer - You Came Like A Hurricane,
Malinky - Gone To The Bower + Olaf Cowan's Welcome To Wardieburn + The Road To Glountane,
Hafdis Huld - Songs Of Love,
Session A9 - Lady Montgomery,
Steve & John Dagleish - Head And Heart,
James Tait - The Lady Of Lorelei.


Friday 01 January 2021 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Rachel Hamer Band, The - Gypsy Laddie,
Sunjay - The Truth,
Johnny Coppin - The Winding Stair,
Tom Paxton - The Last Thing On My Mind,
Beinn Lee - Osgarra,
Roger Pugh - Dear Hearts And Gentle People,
James J Turner - Take Your Soul,
Tom Fairnie - No One Knows The Night,
19th Street Band, The - Away From Our Happy Home,
Elephant Sessions, The - Misty Badger,
Moishe's Bagel - Nicholson's Dilemma,
Grainne Holland - Lon Dubh An Gheimhridh,
Young'uns, The - Over The Ebro,
Spinners - The Foggy Dew.


Thursday 31 December 2020 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Davy Graham - Bad Boy Blues,
Robyn Stapleton - Noran Water,
Sarah McQuaid - The Sun Goes On Rising,
Bob Leslie - Hauf the Brains o' Me,
Steve & John Dagleish - Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise,
Saskia - Blue Sunrise,
Boo Hewerdine - Gemini,
Eddi Reader - My Favourite Dress,
Chris Flegg - No More Working Man,
Purcell's Polyphonic Party - Kelsterne Gardens,
Frankie Armstrong - Madeleine,
O'Hooley & Tidow - Gentleman Jack,
Nigel Richard - Mountain.

Wednesday 30 December 2020 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
GypsyFingers - Half World,
Sunjay - Mean & Ugly,
Iona Fyfe - In The Bleak Midwinter (Scots),
Merry Hell - Sailor,
Johnny Coppin - Cotswold Lad,
Tim Edey - Fields Of Gold [Instrumental],
John Williamson - Stuffed If I Know (Live),
Sally Crosby - All I Seem To Know How To Do Is Write Songs About You,
Topette!! - Vintervalsen (Waltz),
Rheingans Sisters, The - Three Springs,
Heather Downie - The Best Of Us,
Kenneth J Nash - And Around Again,
Lady Buds - Smoko,
Brenda Cochrane - Mountains Of Mourne.


Tuesday 29 December 2020 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Martin Simpson - Three Day Millionaire,
Sheryl Crow - Best Of Times,
Emily Smith - The Final Trawl,
Tommy Sands with Moya and Fionan Sands - Carlingford Bay,
Adam Norsworthy - Shores Of Heaven,
Claire Hastings - The Gretna Girls,
Heather Downie - Stronger Than You Know,
John Williamson - You And My Guitar,
Merry Hell - The Green Hills Of Home,
Nigel Richard - For Your Love,
Connla - Forty Pound Jeans,
Paula Ryan - O My Blue Eyed One,
Moishe's Bagel - Breton Tune/Ajde Jano.