Friday 16 November 2018

Folk At Five

Archie Fisher - Lass From The Low Country,
Pete Morton - One Hundred Years Ago,
Spinners, The - All Day Singing,
Ruth Notman, Julie Matthews, Elvis Mcgonagall - Rock Of Gelt,
Gifford Lind, Alex Black, Guy Burgess - Weave Trust With Truth,
Rowan Ross - Talk Of The Town,
Poor Man's Gambit - Banjo Jigs (Humours Of Ballyloughlin, The Salt, O'Leary's),
Emily Smith - The Sower's Song,
Blackbeard's Tea Party - Bulgine,
Hamish Imlach - The Wind Blew The Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa',
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.


Thursday 15 November 2018

Folk At Five

Eddi Reader - Go Wisely,
Stevie Lawrence - Cupid's Jigs,
Sinsheen (Barbara Dymock & Christine Kydd) - As I Was A Wandering,
Owen Hand - The Gardener,
Mawkin - Song On The Times,
Odette Michell - Bless The Ground You Grow On,
Matt Watson - Outside (They Don't Know Who I Am),
Skerryvore - Blown Away (Acoustic),
Simon Lynge - Paper Thin,
Ewan McLennan - Aye Waulkin O,
Nuala Kennedy - Lovely Armoy,
Tommy Fleming - Lift the Wings.

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Folk At Five

Boo Hewerdine - American TV,
Spinners - The Blaydon Races,
Allan Johnston - The Bonnie Moorhen,
Amy Goddard - Gladdie,
Tom Paxton - Bottle Of Wine,
Clype - Imperial Zeal,
Hannah Rarity - Braw Sailin' On The Sea,
Rachel Newton - O Co Thogas Dhiom An Fhadachd,
Kirsty Potts - If I Had A Hammer,
Breabach - Western Isle Dance,
James Keelaghan - Fires Of Calais.


Tuesday 13 November 2018

Folk At Five

Salt House - The Seer And The Lord,
Haley Richardson - Fisherman's Island + In Memory of Michael Coleman + Shoemaker's,
Reg Meuross - Faraway People,
Donald MacNeill & Roberto Diana - The Journey,
John Smith - Axe Mountain (Revisited),
Eleanor McEvoy - Look Like Me [Naked Version],
Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland - Ring The Bell,
Canny Fettle - Miss Freya Balfour + Colgrave Sound + Da Corbie An' Da Craa,
Barbara Dickson - The Waters Of Forgetfulness,
Kenneth J Nash - Strong,
Yvonne Lyon - Farewell.


Monday 12 November 2018

Folk At Five

Anna Massie - Glad Company,
The Two Sisters, Hilary James & Janet Giraudo - L'auberge Au Crepuscule,
Liam Merriman & Eoin O Meachair - Can't Help but Wonder Where I'm Bound,
Austin Pitre and The Evangeline Playboys - Triangle Special,
Rheingans Sisters, The - Edge Of The Field,
Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente - King Orfeo,
Pete Davies - Home And Dry,
Beerjacket - Nervous,
Eamon Friel - Time And Again,
Joy Dunlop - Is Duine Mi,
Nuala Kennedy - Death And The Lady,
Cara - Yet We Sing.


Saturday 10 November 2018

Folk At Five

Merry Hell - We Need Each Other Now,
Lynched - What Put The Blood?,
Steve Byrne - The Seaward Toon,
Kent - Me Neither,
Outside Track, The - Set You Free,
Blackthorn Band, The - Spailpin Fanach,
Top Floor Taivers, The - Johnnie O' Braidislee,
McCalmans, The - Highlands Tomorrow,
DĂ imh - Nan Ceadaichheadh An Tid Dhomh (If Time Would Permit Me),
Alan Jackson - The Sounds,
Tom Paxton - Jennifer's Rabbit,
Rab Noakes - Slippin' Away.

Friday 09 November 2018

Folk At Five

Barbara Dickson - To Each And Everyone,
Mo Dewdney, Lukas Drinkwater, Ciaran Algar - Down By The Fire,
Sarah McQuaid - Solid Air,
Skinner & T'witch - The Wedding Song,
Karin Grandal-Park And Karl Robins - The Snows They Melt The Soonest,
Joshua Burnell - Into the Green, Pt. I, The Enchanted Wood,
Ange Hardy - The Storm Has Now Begun,
MacMaster,Hay - Mary Cullen,
Paper Kites, The - In Reverie,
Tom Paxton - Forest Lawn,
Eleanor McEvoy - The Thought Of You [Naked Version],
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.