Thursday 29 July 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth

Mike Donaghy - West End Side Of Town
Bills, The - Wonders I've Seen
Green Rock River Band, The - Brockwell Park
Clutha, The - Binnourie
Blueflint - Takes More Than A Little Time
John Williamson - Can`t Feel Those Chains Any Longer (Live)
Faeland (Rebecca Nelson, Jacob Morrison) - To The Green (Live)
Andrew Howie - A Follower, A Fighter
Molosser - Black Oak
Simon Mayor with Hilary James - Villanelle
Eleanor McEvoy - The Thought Of You [Naked Version]
Billy Connolly, John McCusker And Others - Billy's March
Moishe's Bagel - Bageliser + Behusher Chosid


Wednesday 28 July 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Joe Danks with Jean Kelly, Danny Pedler, Sarah Matthews & Simon Harmer - Jutland 1916
Mawkin - Song On The Times
Bills, The - Trail of Tales
Sophie Ramsay - The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
Merry Hell - Moonlight Parade
Stewart Henderson, Yvonne Lyon, Carol Henderson - December Coast Of Galloway
Adam Amos & Noel Rocks - Fields Of Georgia
Kathy Mattea - Further And Further Away (Live)
Ange Hardy - The Lost Soul
The Vagaband - Roll The Thunder
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - Waltzes
George Duff - The Rigs O' Rye


Tuesday 27 July 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Paula Ryan - Honest John
Bill Jones - Bide
Sarah McQuaid - Dies Irae
Loving The Sun - From The Darkness To The Light
Faeland (Rebecca Nelson, Jacob Morrison) - Chantress
Jennifer Juliette - Anchor
Bluebyrd (Chris Rowley, Gareth Pask) - Rock Pool
Faeland - Long Lost
James J Turner - Take Your Soul
Tom Paxton - Goin' To The Zoo
Eamon Friel - The Well
Ewan McLennan - Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
Chris Flegg - Gazing At The Stars All Night


Monday 26 July 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Poozies, The - Ailein
Corinne West - The Yew Tree
McCalmans - Farewell Tae The Haven
Jill Jackson - Needle And Thread
DeDe WedeKind - Dream Of You
Ben Sures - In A Perfect World
Serious Child - Blue Is Only A Colour
Corries, The - Bonnie Dundee
Changing Room, The - Tie 'Em Up
Johnny Coppin - John Condon
Jamie Mallender - Runnin' Down A Dream
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah


Saturday 24 July 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Faeland - Easier
The Chair - Shiver Me Timbers
Said The Maiden - The Rabbit's Bride
Teds, The - The Lixnaw Polka Set
Daimh - The Harris Dance
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith - Harvest Gypsies
George Duff - Gin I Were A Baron's Heir
Le Vent Du Nord - Lettre A Durham
Davy Graham - Fire In My Soul
Iain Thomson - Whiskey In The Jar
David Cooler - Dog Huntin' Man
Red Dirt Skinners, The - Daybreak


Friday 23 July 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
John Williamson - Rip Rip Woodchip
James J Turner - Never Again
Breabach - The Ramparts
Dan Webster - She Smiles
Elliot Porter - Normal People
Queeva - Do Better
Gem Andrews - Heart Like A Wheel
Merry Hell - Leave It In The Ground
Faeland (Rebecca Nelson, Jacob Morrison) - All My Swim
McCalmans - Corrywreckan Calling
Milton Hide - Took To Wing (Nightingale)
Runrig - Loch Lomond (live)


Thursday 22 July 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Philip Marino - Everybody Knows
Doghouse Roses - Oh Well
Kate Rusby - Not Me
Marek Dusil Blend - Incommunication
Jeff Bamhart & Spats Langham - That's All There Is
Lorna Campbell - Wife Of Usher's Well
Julie Fowlis, Jenny Napier Keldie, Linda Macleod, Kathleen Maci - Howe Hornpipe
Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne - Tom King
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris - Grey Funnel Line
Southbank Crows - Southbank Crows - 1982
Jenny Lysander - Were We Both Lions
Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan
Solasta - The Pirate Set