Friday 11 June 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Martyn Joseph - There But For Fortune
Oka Vanga - Pilgrim's Rest
Lori Watson - October Song
Balfa Brothers Orchestra - Old Fashioned Two Step
James Fagan And Jamie McLennan - Hey Rain
Vishten - Fleur De Souvenir
Merry Hell - Stand Down
The Poozies - Small Things In The Cupboards
Wendy Moten - Til I Get It Righ
Catherine Rudie - Harbour Of Grudges
Dana And Susan Robinson - River Flows On
Tom Paxton - Jimmy Newman
Winter Wilson - Ghost
Sally Barker & Vicki Genfan - Moonshine

Thursday 10 June 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Green Diesel - Follow The River
Ross Miller - Accidental Belterism (The Whistler + Chris Lee's Quimper Belano)
Skinner & T'witch - The Fool's Journey (Reprise)
Alison Burns - No One Ever Tells You
Donovan - The Ballad Of A Crystal Man
Chris Flegg - Waiting For Michael
McCalmans - Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands
Luke Concannon - It Won't Wait
Chloe Hall - Love Songs, Dedications And Requests
Little Unsaid, The - Music
Simon And The Astronauts - Tight Metal Jackets
Green Diesel - After Comes The Dark
Teannaich - Walk On The Speyside
Stan Graham - Sarajevo


Wednesday 09 June 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Tommy Sands & with Moya and Fionan Sands - Send For Maguire
Skinner & T'witch - Living in the Dream
Rab Noakes - Anniversary Song
Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland - We'll Get There When We Get There
Saskia - Creative Unfold
Chris Lewington - Take Time To Take Time
Joel & Cedric Perri - The Cuckoo And The Flute
Darren Hume - Living In A Pothole
McCalmans, The - Fare Ye Well Ye Mormond Braes
Owen Hand - The Ogie Man
John Wort Hannam - Labrador
Fay Hield - Cruel Mother
Barbara Dymock - The Brig


Tuesday 08 June 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
James Keelaghan - Red Winged Blackbird
Pete Morton - Poverty Frap
Dolly Parton - I Am Ready
Cultures - Ghost (Radio edit)
Benji Kirkpatrick & The Excess - Hiring Fair
Salt House - The Same land
Doghouse Roses - Years
Scott Macdonald - Thinkin About You
Tommy Sands - Bessbrook Lament
Bob Leslie - Ye'll Nivver Find a Souter Doun in Hell
DiElle and Chelsey Coy - Stolen Land
Dovetail Trio, The - Bold Champions
Stan Graham - When It's Time To Go


Monday 07 June 2021

Davy Graham - Electric Chair
Stan Graham - Michael And His Medals
Rab Noakes - The Two Sisters
Skinner & T'witch - Working From Home
Iain Thomson & Marc Duff - Fate Is Knocking At My Door
Ciaran Dorris - Killing Time
Kyle Carey - Across The Great Divide
The Vatersay Boys - The Sound Of Vatersay
Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller - Mad Tom Of Bedlam
Mawkin - Jolly Well Drunk
Ciaran Dorris - Riverdale Roads
Billy Connolly, John Mccusker And Others - Billy's Breton


Saturday 05 June 2021

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Corries, The - The Collier Laddie
Skinner & T'witch - (I'm Not Your) Superman
Winter Wilson - Find Myself A Lover
Stephen Wrench - If It Ain't Happened
Dan Walsh - Banish Set (Banish Misfortune, Washington's March, Small Halls)
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris - Mr. Sandman
Bella Hardy - The Only Thing To Do
Winter Wilson - Storm Around Tumbledown
Iain Thomson - The Barnyards Of Delgaty
The Singing Postman - Are Yew Orl Roight Boy
Anna Tam - Elsie Marley
John Wright - When This Old Hat Was New
Peatbog Faeries - Strictly Sambuca


Friday 04 June 2021

Inge Thomson & Martin Green - Tears Of The Sun
Alan Jackson - Here In The Real World
Gaugers, The - The Merchant's Son
Meadows, The - Maid In Bedlam
Donald MacNeill & Roberto Diana - Solitary Traveller
Often Herd, The - Ruined Road
Scott Macdonald - I Miss Them
Sunhoney - Seasons
Catherine Howe & Vo Fletcher - Going Home
Kara - Carousel Waltz
DandelionJames - Rainfall (Radio Edit)
Nick Byrne - Birch Tree
Peter James Millson - Dreaming Of A Time
Bluenose B - Trundle Trolley Blues
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth