Monday 18 June 2018

Enjoy again Monday's Folk At Five with music from Damian Helliwell, Breabach, Amy Goddard, Michael Raven & Joan Mills, Aoife O'Donovan, Fiona Kennedy, The Red Dirt Skinners, Steeleye Span, Stephen Skinn, The Nelson Brothers, The Jake Leg Jug Band, Grace Notes Remembered, Ross Ainslie.

Damian Helliwell - The Slovenian,
Breabach - The Last March,
Amy Goddard - Gladdie [Live]
Michael Raven And Joan Mills - Jolly Machine,
Aoife O'Donovan - Lay My Burden Down,
Fiona Kennedy - Trail Of The Survivor,
Red Dirt Skinners, The - Eleanor Joan (reprise),
Steeleye Span - The Blacksmith,
Stephen Skinn - Hold On,
Nelson Brothers, The - Hobo Child,
Jake Leg Jug Band, The - Alabama Blues,
Grace Notes Remembered - The Bramble & The Rose,
Ross Ainslie - Escaping Gravity.


Friday 15 June 2018

Enjoy a fabulous Friday Folk At Five featuring music from Darren Hume, Rallion, Alistair Anderson & Northlands, Pauline Alexander, Ange Hardy, The Nelson Brothers, The Black Feathers, Rab Noakes, The Everly Brothers, Sandy Denny, Phantom Voices.

Darren Hume - Fortune Queen,
Rallion - Cold Haily Windy Night,
Alistair Anderson & Northlands - Taking On Men,
Pauline Alexander - Seven Notes,
Ange Hardy - My Old Man,
Nelson Brothers, The - My Prairie Rose,
Black Feathers, The - Take Me Back,
Rab Noakes - Let The Show Begin,
Everly Brothers - Rose Connolly,
Sandy Denny - My Ramblin' Boy,
Phantom Voices - The Red Falcon.

Thursday 14 June 2018

Storm Hector brought wind and not much rain, Argyll FM brings Folk At Five with loads of great music, from Mikey Kenney, Antonio Lulic, Blackbeard's Tea Party, Roger Pugh, Krista Detor, Stan Graham, Liam Merriman & Eoin O Meachair, Ewan McLennan, James Findlay, Maddy Prior, Pete Morton, Sally Barker.

Mikey Kenney - Five Brown Horses,
Antonio Lulic - The City Of Austin, Texas,
Blackbeard's Tea Party - The Diamond,
Roger Pugh - Dear Hearts And Gentle People,
Krista Detor - Box Of Clouds,
Stan Graham - Home To Me Is Anywhere You Are,
Liam Merriman & Eoin O Meachair - Rain Rain,
Ewan McLennan - Holding Out Against The Night,
James Findlay - The Mantle Of Green,
Maddy Prior - Sheepcrook & Black Dog,
Pete Morton - The Cuckoo,
Sally Barker - Like Sugar.


Wednesday 13 June 2018

This Wednesday's Folk At Five features legal advice from David Leishman of solicitors Stewart, Balfour, Sutherland and great folk music from Siobhan Miller, Dala, Dan Webster, Inge Thomson & Martin Green, Sophie Ramsay, Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow, Beinn Lee, SKC &  The Wizard Of Wos, Iain Thomson, Old Blind Dogs.

Siobhan Miller - Bonny Light Horseman,
Dala - Father,
Dan Webster - What It's For.
Inge Thomson & Martin Green - Tears Of The Sun,
Sophie Ramsay - Ae Fond Kiss,
Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow - Country Blues,
Beinn Lee - Osgarra,
SKC &  The Wizard Of Wos - As You Wrapped The String,
Iain Thomson - You're Still The One,
Old Blind Dogs - Sawney Bean.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Tuesday's Folk At Five features a chat with Tim Dickson of Tree of Life Computers and great music from Sarah McQuaid, Runrig, Tommy Sands with Moya and Fionan Sands, Mumford & Sons, Krista Detor, James J Turner, Donnie Munro, The Vatersay Boys, Mike Oldfield.

Sarah McQuaid - Ode To Billie Joe,
Runrig - Flower Of The West,
Tommy Sands with Moya and Fionan Sands - Carlingford Bay,
Mumford & Sons - Not With Haste,
Krista Detor - Hear That,
James J Turner - Watching You,
Donnie Munro - Protect And Survive,
Vatersay Boys, The - Fan Og Gu Brath,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.


Monday 11 June 2018

Enjoy again Monday's musical mix on Folk At Five with musicians Bob Frankee, Eamon Friel, Cara, Fairport Convention, The Outside Track, Skinner & T'witch, Trail West, John Martyn, Said The Maiden, Skerryvore, The Corries.

Bob Frankee - Walk The Walk,
Eamon Friel - The Kingdom Of Love,
Cara - The Elfin Knight,
Fairport Convention - Now Be Thankful,
Outside Track, The - False Knight on the Road,
Skinner & T'witch - The Armada Shipwreck,
Trail West - Here We Go A Flat,
John Martyn - Goin' Down To Memphis,
Said The Maiden - Barrack Street,
Skerryvore - Borderline,
Corries, The - Bonnie Dundee.

Saturday 09 June 2018

Saturday's selection for Folk At Five includes music from Eamon Friel, Joni Mitchell, Colleen Raney, Yvonne Lyon, Ewan MacPherson, Chris Flegg, Ben Sures, Darren Hume, Sunjay, Steve & John Dagleish, Shawn Colvin, Canny Fettle.

Eamon Friel - Jerusalem Today,
Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning,
Colleen Raney - Love & Freedom,
Yvonne Lyon - Where The Poor Find Gold,
Ewan MacPherson - Saltus,
Chris Flegg - St Alban,
Ben Sures - Winnipeg,
Darren Hume - Living In A Pothole,
Sunjay - Memphis In The Meantime,
Steve & John Dagleish - This Land Is Your Land,
Shawn Colvin - Round Of Blues,
Canny Fettle - Lassie With The Yellow Coatie.