Saturday 16 August 2014

Joan Mills - Wednesbury Town,
Barbara Dymock - Edward,
Kris Drever & Eamonn Coyne - Wintermoon (Mareel version),
James J Turner - Watching You,
Moishe's Bagel - Nifty's Frieilachs + Devotedly Bouyant At Abos,
Julie Fowlis - Mo Bhean Chomain,
Kevin MacLeod - Black Mount Forest Marches,
Skerryvore - Blown Away,
Cathal Hayden - The Bloomin' Meadows + The Connachtman's Rambles [Jigs],
Lorna Campbell - Wife Of Usher's Well,
Blueflint - Bony Johnston,
Kris Drever & Eamonn Coyne - Moving On Song.

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